Reviewers Guidelines

Peer review is the standard method implemented towards analyzing the quality of a research paper. The quality of peer-review process and critical evaluation undertaken by the board members are the most influential factors towards determining the journals’ reputation and quality standard. Openventio strictly follows a blinded peer-review process to uphold the journals’ quality and credibility.

Ethical Issues:

  • The reviewer should give an honest and exact analysis of the research. The main role of the reviewers is to analyze the merits and the demerits and to provide necessary suggestions in order to increase the quality of the work.
  • The reviewer of paper should not review the manuscript that is co-authored by himself, or a member of his/her institution or to someone to whom he is related.
  • After receiving the paper for any further assistance or clarifications you need to contact only the editor and the confidentiality of the paper has to be maintained. You must never ask anyone to review a portion of paper without editor’s permission and also must never contact the author of the paper directly.
  • If the conduct of the reviewer seems to be mischievous then the manuscript will be assigned to second reviewer.
  • The reviewer should accept the manuscripts which fall into his/her area of expertise. Anyhow the editors will assign it to concerned reviewers yet sometimes a mistake may happen. This is because in order to maintain high standards of the review process.
  • The reviewer can also inform the editor regarding suspected duplicate publication, plagiarism, or any ethical concerns about the use of animals or humans in the research that has be done by author.

Join in Reviewer Panel

  • We introduce ourselves as ARPC, an initiative to provide an open-access forum for researchers to publish their journals. All submitted papers are peer-reviewed by international refereeing process.
  • You are invited to join the reviewers’ list of the journal. All selected reviewers must adhere and follow the guidelines formed by ARPC editorial board.
  • If you are interested in joining ARPC as a reviewer, Send the complete application form and updated CV, Photo as an email attachment to